Best Wheels For GWM Cannon

The GWM Cannon is the successor to the GWM Steed. This popular vehicle combines refined looks, large guards and a price point that is hard to beat. With plenty of aftermarket accessories available, the Cannon has been an easy choice for many tradies, families and recreational offroaders. As with any vehicle, the wheels and tyres can make a huge difference to the vehicles stance and appearance, 360link stocks a wide range of wheels specifically to suit the GWM Cannon in a variety of sizes.

What are the Best Wheels for an GWM Cannon?

This is mostly dependent on how you use your car and the kind of style you want. We’ll give you information in this guide to assist you in making the most informed choice.

The most popular sizes range from 17″ to 20″ in diameter, have a width of 8.5″ to 9″ – We will go into more detail with this below.

A 17″ or 18″ set of wheels with an all-terrain or rugged terrain tyre would probably be the best choice for a GWM Cannon if you plan to go off the beaten path and do a lot of off-road driving. This will give you more off-road traction and more ride comfort.
Paired with a 265/65R17 Kenda Klever A/T2 or Kenda Klever R/T this becomes a very capable package. If you are looking for something more aggressive to tackle the toughest of obstacles, the Kenda Klever M/T2 KR629 is the tyre for you. If the vehicle has been lifted e.g. a 2″ lift, some customers will opt for an oversize tyre such as a 265/70R17 or 285/70R17 in the Kenda patterns, however some additional modification may be required for this due to the increased rolling diameter.

What are the Best Wheels for a GWM Cannon if you spend most of your time on the road but would like to retain the capability for occasional off-road use? The 20″ diameter wheel is still proving to be the most popular for Cannon’s in New Zealand. The Best Wheels for GWM Cannon in a 20″ option with a capable All Terrain or Rugged Terrain again such as the Kenda Klever A/T2 KR628 or Kenda Klever R/T KR601 may be the balance you are looking for. Tyre sizes to match this is the 265/50R20 or 285/50R20. If the vehicle is lifted, a 275/55R20 becomes the next most popular choice.

We have developed a fitment guide with recommended options to help you find the Best Wheels for your GWM Cannon below. These options have width, offset, brake clearance and load rating all taken into account to provide the best fitment for your vehicle.

17″ Options

18″ Options

20″ Options

What is the Best Wheel offset for GWM Cannon?

The same offset rules apply to the fitment whether you choose a 17″, 18″ or 20″ wheel.

8.5″ to 9″ with offset of +10 to +30 (et10 to et30)

Brands such as Recon, Alpha, Kudos and Sniper have been specifically developed to suit the utes and 4wd’s we have in our market. These wheels incorporate a range of widths, offsets and load ratings specific to these vehicles needs. This makes these wheels the best for GWM Cannon as they have been developed with vehicles like this in mind.

If you are looking for inspiration on style, it is best to check out our Gallery.

Common trends in the market show a 17″ and 18″ beadlock style look is proving to be the most popular such as the Alpha Podium or Sniper Ballistic. In 20″ the most popular is a deep concave wheel such as the Alpha Gauntlet2, Recon Force or Recon Delta.

Alpha Wheels for GWM Cannon

Alpha wheels are fast becoming the wheel of choice for New Zealand 4wd owners. Alpha Wheels are renowned for their aggressive styling specifically tailored for utes, SUV’s, 4×4’s and off-road vehicles. Sizes range from 16″ to 20″ with concave, beadlock or dished styles to choose from in a variety of finishes to match your taste.

Recon Wheels for GWM Cannon

Recon Wheels are one of the most popular wheels for 4×4 vehicles in New Zealand. Providing the perfect balance of both form and function. Each style is available is a large range of finishes, with industry leading load ratings and superior quality.

Sniper Wheels for GWM Cannon

Sniper Wheels are designed in Australia and engineered to withstand the harshest conditions or loads, without sacrifice in design. Sniper wheels provide some of the largest load ratings in the industry and have filled a very important niche in today’s 4×4 driver needs.

Selecting the best wheels for your GWM Cannon isn’t easy, however with our comprehensive range and decades of experience, the team at 360link is committed to providing the best products and service in the industry. Whether you have a stock model or a heavily modified GWM Cannon, 360Link offers a wide range of options to suit your style or requirements. Our range is continuously growing, keep an eye out as we continue to design and develop the Best Wheels for GWM Cannon in the years to come!

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