New from 360Link

In case you missed it, here’s what is new from 360Link.

Rota Slipstream is now available in 18×9.5 and 18×10.5 (Flat Black and White) – check out the galleries within each product for more photos.

The Kudos Dubai 20×9, available in 2 finishes – Matt Black and Matt Black with Milling. Looking smart and now available in 18×8.

Rotiform has got you covered too with the KPS – one of our most popular designs, it’s a unique look and people are loving it. Available in 2 finishes; Black on Black and Silver Brushed Face.

And if you are looking for something a bit different – we have just received a special delivery of some Klutch Offroad KT01 wheels. These are 20×9 6×139.7 0-offset, guaranteed to make an impression.

ROTA Vector Pro has landed!

Brand new Rota Vector Pro has landed in NZ.

Deep concave 7 spoke, Brembo clearance, lightweight and tough. Flat Black, Gloss White & Hyper Black.

Available specs:

18×8.5 +25 5×114.3
18×8.5 +42 5×100
18×8.5 +42 5×114.3
18×9.5 +18 5×114.3
18×9.5 +30 5×114.3
18×9.5 +38 5×114.3

Rota Vector Pro

Additional images can be found on our Facebook page:

ROTA Snap-backs are back!

Included free of charge with any set of Rota Wheels purchased over Summer 2015/2016, the ever-popular Rota snap-back’s are back!

Rota Snapback